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Cultivating a Quiet Mind is the first step in re-establishing a profound dialogue with our Original Spirit. A road towards the (re)discovery of ourselves and towards the rebalancing and cure of the small disharmonies accumulated in the depths of the soul.

Completing this basic Meditation will help you:

Who is the course for?

This practice is useful for beginner as well as advanced practitioners. You may be already aware about the fact that each qi gong and meditation form, although very simple, is going to get you deeper and deeper depending on the time you allow yourself to go deeper. Maintaining a good discipline and continuity is therefore essential to interiorize the movements and their effects on your body/mind/spirit.

Suggested related video courses

This private 1-1 coaching session can be integrated by learning specific qi gong forms and/or meditation techniques. Here below some of the video courses you can watch on Tao Center.

Please note that videos are in Italian language only and just a few lessons have been translated in English as well.

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