Cristiano Palazzini, experienced Qi gong and meditation teacher

I have always practiced Taoist techniques and have taught them for over 25 years, convinced that they are simple to learn, useful and within everyone’s reach.

Previously I have been an entrepreneur in Information Technology. Being passionate about photography, I have been involved in it professionally for some years, but now I only photograph for my personal pleasure and for personal projects.

Nowadays I am indeed mainly committed to my teaching and my daily studying of taoist and healing practices to help people re-establish a stable and clean dialogue with their Original Spirit. 

I have been one of the youngest “senior” instructors of Master Mantak Chia’s International Healing Tao with multiple certifications in 1998 and 2002 as a teacher of Internal Alchemy.
I have studied with different teachers both in the West and in the East. In China I studied Nei Dan with my Master in the Jilin province, also experimenting with some healing qigong techniques at Beijing hospital.
Although I don’t have a Buddhist background, I like some techniques that, as we know, have several points in common with Taoist practice.

Over the past fifteen years, through the more recent studies continued in China with my Master and the insights and studies during my personal practice, I have become increasingly devoted to a very traditional approach. My practice and teaching focus mainly on the practice of Inner Vision (neizhao) proper to the older Nei Dan tradition. A practice aiming to the achievement of a calm mind, stripped of all those somewhat “new age” frills typical of the Western approach.

After many years of practice, the teachings I received from the Tao have profoundly clarified for me some key concepts related to our stay and activity on the earth plane. I understood how some specific techniques can help clarify the dialogue we constantly have with our Original Spirit. An essential dialogue to continue on our “here and now” journey and to live better.

But, wait a minute, what
does it mean to Heal our Soul?

«When we speak about the healing of the Soul, we can immediately ask ourselves two fundamental questions: what do we mean by Soul and why should we eventually heal/treat it. What do we mean?”

To answer the first question we need to address some cosmological aspects that give us a key to understanding who we are, where we come from and what we came here to do. You can watch the brief video introduction HERE.
We can try, briefly, to answer the second question immediately. Our soul, an expression of our original spirit that manifests itself in the here and now, is experiencing. It is the part of us that experiences earthly life. Our soul experiences in every moment. It experiences pleasure, pain and a whole range of emotions and polarities which, however, often also create disharmony.
We therefore happen to have the feeling that our life is not going as we would like, we get “stranded” in situations, in relationships that do not satisfy us and that make us live badly. These experiences “mark” our soul, cause it a burden by bringing disharmony. Its work of acquiring and gaining experience is therefore limited, or at least partially hindered in its best spontaneity.
Taking care of the Soul means restoring balance, dissolving the polarity and duality that mark our time and our life, so that the dialogue with our Original Spirit can return to being clear and natural. We will go back to providing ourselves (to the original Shen to use an entirely Taoist expression) with the experience of the here and now, without getting entangled in the polarity that the here and now necessarily entails on the physical plane.