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Taoist Healing Qi Gong and meditation To balance your energy and heal your soul

Healing Qi Gong

Healing Qi Gong Session

We use specific Healing Qi Gong forms to clean the body and the Internal Organs in particular. We aim to balance the flow of Chi in the physical body to ensure that the energy we move during meditation and our Soul Healing Practices is stable and balanced.

Healing Qi Gong Session

typically 1 hour session to learn or practice together
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Calming the Mind

Sitting Meditation

Cultivating a Quiet Mind is the first step in re-establishing a profound dialogue with our Original Spirit. A road towards the (re)discovery of ourselves and towards the rebalancing and cure of the small disharmonies accumulated in the depths of the soul.

Sitting Meditation

typically 1 hour session to learn or practice together
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Soul Healing practice

Soul Healing Session

Soul Healing Sessions are the core of our healing process. We aim at dissolving the strong polarity involved in our physical plane and use the resulting energy to dissolve emotional wounds.

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typically 1 hour session to learn or practice together
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"past" life healing

There are no previous lives, just multiple concurrent lives

And when we dissolve the polarity here, we are dissolving the polarity in all our concurrent "self". We heal past, present and future. Knowing there isn't any past, present or future indeed.

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typically 1 hour session to learn or practice together
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I Am Cristiano

I have always practiced Taoist techniques and have taught them for over 25 years, convinced that they are simple to learn, useful and within everyone’s reach.

Previously I have been an entrepreneur in Information Technology. Being passionate about photography, I have been involved in it professionally for some years, but now I only photograph for my personal pleasure and for personal projects.

Nowadays I am indeed mainly committed to my teaching and my daily studying of taoist and healing practices to help people re-establish a stable and clean dialogue with their Original Spirit

Why a Private Online Session with me?

Start rebalancing your energy and healing your soul

First Complimentary Session

I am happy to offer you a free 30-60 minutes consultation to evaluate together if Taoist practices and Healing practices are the right choice for you.

Online Weekly Classes

You're not required to book private sessions should you decide you wanna try taoist practices. You can also join Tao Center weekly classes (in Italian Language).

Video Courses

You can as well opt for online Video Courses (also many free lessons are available). Learn Qi Gong and Meditation from your home connecting to Tao Center Video Courses (Italian/English).

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