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Geometries and Views

This book was born from the desire to collect some shots of the city of Milano, in Italy, where I was born and where I lived for a long time. In particular, of the places that I enjoyed visiting in the last few years, after the birth of my daughter Ginevra.Places that recently struck me, in particular for the geometries and architecture that characterize them.

Unfortunately it was not possible for me to collect some of the additional glimpses I would have loved to, because when I was almost ready to complete the work, the world plunged into the tragedy of the global pandemic due to coronavirus Covid19. Suddenly it was difficult, when not impossible, to move freely around the city to complete the work with the missing shots. However, I decided to publish this volume in the hope that these shots will stimulate the reader to visit a city, Milano, which has improved a lot in recent years, and which is certainly worth knowing while visiting Italy.

This is a photography book, not a travel guide. But you may find some inspiration about places to visit as well. You will find shots of:

    • The new Porta Nuova residential and business area
    • The CityLife district
    • City center (Duomo Cathedral and the area around it)
    • Other views
Milano, Geometries and Views photography book
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